Tilt Mount Kit

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Tilt Mount Kit

Tilt Mount Kit: Expanding on the unlimited angles that your Replay XD camera can already achieve. We’ve put together a kit that gives you even more mounting possibilities, which includes a new Tilt Base, Tilt Arm, Tilt SnapTray, XD1080 Camera Clamp, 1080 Mini (XD720/RePower 2200) Camera Clamp, two EasyFinger Knobs, M6 Hardware, Flat SnapTray with VHB,Curved SnapTray with VHB, and a Tripod SnapTray.


The Tilt Mount Kit is perfect for letting your LowBoy and HeimLock mount reach new heights or tilt for that matter.

This accessory is compatible with the following:


replay-xd-compat-xd720.pngreplay-xd-compat-1080mini.png replay-xd-compat-xd1080.png  replay-xd-compat-repower-2200.png