Tomcat Mini-Air Compressor

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Tomcat Mini-Air Compressor

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Tomcat Mini-Air Compressor

Ideal for Motor Cycles, ATV's and Scooters - Not designed to inflate car or truck tyres

The Tomcat – Portable Mini-Air Compressor measures only 10.2cm x 5.1cm x 15.2cm making it possible to be carried on virtually any motorcycle, scooter or ATV. The built in gauge allows you to observe the increased pressure with a reading up to 120 psi. It also comes with a built in LED light letting you know that it is receiving power and helps you connect to the tire valve after dark. Your motorcycle tire will be fully inflated in less than 10 minutes. And with this unit you also have the ability to inflate sport balls & camping equipment. On the road or in the wilderness you will always have clean outside air available and there’s never a need for replacement parts or re-fills.

Compare the price to CO2 Inflation

Number of 16g CO2 bottles needed to inflate to around 32psi = 4 @ around $4-5 each = $16-$20
But...what happens if you start inflating and you find that you haven't sealed the puncture properly. Probably find this out after the 2nd bottle and then you need 4 bottles to inflate to a safe riding speed after again fixing the puncture.

Product Contents

Compressor unit 12V
Built in LED light
Built in gauge 0-120 psi.
10cm tire valve hose
167cm power cord fits your battery tender wire
30cm extension alligator clips
91cm extension lighter adapter
Sports needle adapter
Inflatable adapter
Complete instructions
Rugged zippered carry case
Measures 10.2cm x 5.1cm x 15.2cm
Weight: 415 grams.

Tomcat Mini-Air Compressor Instructions

Thank you for purchasing our product. Please read these instructions carefully first. It will guide you on how to use it safely and what you should pay attention to.

It's intended use is for motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s, bicycles, sports balls, and camping equipment. The enclosed parts list is as follows:

Compressor unit

30cm extension alligator clips

91cm extension lighter adapter

Sports needle adapter

Inflatable adapter

Complete instructions

Zippered carry case


Instructions for use:

1. Remove the power cord from the back of the compressor cavity.

2. Choose either the lighter adapter or alligator clip adapter.

3. Connect the chosen adapter to the power cord.

4. Insert the lighter adapter to power source outlet if being used.

5. Attach the black clip to the negative battery cable where meets the terminal.

6. Attach the red clip to the positive battery cable where it meets the terminal.

7. The LED light will shine to confirm that power is going to the compressor.

B. Screw the threaded connector securely to valve stem of the tyre.

9. Press in the yellow on/off switch to begin inflating.

10. Once the desired pressure is reached, switch off the unit and repack components.

When inflating sports balls or camping equipment, just screw the desired adapter into the connector that normally goes onto the tire valve.



1. In order to keep the air flowing smoothly do not bend or press on the air hose.

2. Do not operate continually for more than 30 minutes.

3. If the compressor is making an abnormal sound or its temperature is too high, please turn off immediately and let it cool for at least 20 minutes.

4. Do not exceed 80psi.

5. Do not leave the compressor unattended while in operation and pay attention to the pressure reading on the gauge to avoid over-inflating.

5. Do not operate in wet conditions.

6. Never put the air hose in the mouth, ear, or eye of a human being or animal. This item is not a toy and should not be used by children.

7. Be sure to use this air compressor and its accessories according to the manufacturer's instruction for the sake of your safety.

8. No alteration shall be made to the item, and only the accessories supplied by the manufacturer should be used.

9. If the compressor fuse is blown, only replace with another 10 amp fuse.



1. The purchaser of this compressor can enjoy the following one year guarantee with proof of purchase.

2. The product can be exchanged provided it is complete and without damage.

3. The following are not within the scope of the warranty: damage caused by force majeure,

disassembly of parts or housing, accidental damage such as: high temperature, water penetration, broken/abrasion, scratches, or broken motor due to working under high-voltage power supply.

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  • 4
    Seems to work

    Posted by Phil on 11th Dec 2013

    Only tried it once but it seemed to inflate 2 lb into the tyre in no time. The dial pressure measure could be improved because it does not have enough divisions on the dial so trying to judge 37 psi was dodgey. I guess i will need the use the hand gauge after all.

  • 5
    Top Value

    Posted by Rod on 29th Apr 2013

    The Tomcat. Value for money, its as good as it gets. I already have another American brand Motorcycle pump but this is one third the size and one third the price. Doesnt get much better than that!

  • 4
    Does the job

    Posted by Trevor P on 13th Apr 2013

    Fairly noisy and vibrates a lot, but actually inflates faster than I expected. Possibly not as robust in some areas as I would have liked, so will be interesting to see how it copes with the rigours of motorcycle travel. Gauge appears next to useless but I carry a good gauge anyway.

  • 4
    Excellent, but

    Posted by Kevin Beltrame on 1st Apr 2013

    Terrific product and purchase and delivery were so slick.
    I would prefer wiring to be a little more strongly connected to the pump (not that it has pulled apart yet). Also would like the option of a mains power plug so I could use it in my garage from the power point.

  • 4
    So far so great!

    Posted by Ant (Melbourne) on 1st Apr 2013

    So, I'd had the compressor for all of about a week when I got my first flat tyre on the motorbike in about 70000km riding. Tyre was down to 3psi - of course it felt weird, and my friends noticed it looking flat and pulled me over. Got the tomcat out, hooked up to the battery, within about five minutes I had about 30psi and that was good enough to get me home. Works just as described. Like others I think the valve and tube and wires are a little flimsy and you have to use with care, but for $39 its great insurance to get you out of a sticky situation, particularly if you get off the beaten track like I do. I also use it to pump up bicycle tyres at home because I'm lazy.

  • 5

    Posted by Brad H on 27th Feb 2013

    A compact and versatile product for the needs of those of us that spend many hours on the road on our bikes

  • 4
    Great compact air compressor

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jan 2013

    After having a look around for a pump suitable for a motorcycle and a bicycle, I decided to give the Tomcat product a try. Well priced, very compact and works surprisingly well. I'd recommend it as a good all-rounder product. Will get you out of trouble!

  • 5
    Excellent little compressor

    Posted by Luke on 18th Jan 2013

    Did a lot of research to find a quality tyre repair kit.
    Very happy with the 'plugger repair kit'.
    Arrived the next day.
    Also bought the mini air compressor & very satisfied with this product also.
    Will definitely order from tomcat again.
    Thanks guys!

  • 4
    Mini air compressor

    Posted by Neal on 28th Dec 2012

    Compressor appears to work well. Delivery was very quick.
    It would get 5 stars but for the possible durability of the thin power cabling.