Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger - For All Tubeless Tires

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Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger - For All Tubeless Tires


For All Tubeless Tires - Perfect Size for motorcycles and ATV's

Important Safety Information: This is a temporary repair and does not remove the requirement to have the tire professionally inspected and repaired by an authorised tire repair mechanic according to the required standards.

This revolutionary new device easily installs mushroom shaped rubber plugs into all tubeless tires while staying on the wheel. The Plugging device 'drives' the plug into the hole with a turning of the hex wrench. The plug expands under pressure to fill the punctured area. A firm pull on the stem with your pliers seats the mushroom head on the inner wall allowing no air to escape. This technology insures maximum reliability while reducing your downtime in any situation.

● Nozzle
● Tire Plugging Device
● Probe Tool
● Reamer/Rasp Tool
● Hex Wrench
● (15) Mushroom Plugs (5/16" diameter shaft x 3/4" length stem)
● Retractable Razor Knife
● Extra Zip Lock Bag
● Laminated Instructions
● Vinyl Zippered Pouch (7.5" x 3.5" x 1")
● Weighs: 350g.

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  • 5
    This will get me out of trouble

    Posted by Johnny K on 24th Apr 2014

    I have two Stop & Go Tire Plugger kits: one for the motorcycle, and now one also for the car. I haven't needed to use the kit yet, but I'm sure that it will serve its purpose. I read reviews of other similar products in a motorcycle magazine, and I opted for the Stop & Go. The metal tools are sturdy, and I have no doubt that the kit will get me out of trouble. Every motorcycle (and car) should carry one. I also purchased the Tomcat Mini-air compressor for the motorcycle, and have tested it (I have a foot-pump for the car).

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    Excellent product

    Posted by Luke on 18th Jan 2013

    Did a lot of research to find a quality tyre repair kit.
    Very happy with the 'plugger repair kit'.
    Arrived the next day.
    Also bought the mini air compressor & very satisfied with this product also.
    Will definitely order from tomcat again.
    Thanks guys!

  • 5
    Stop and go tyre plugger

    Posted by garry on 19th Nov 2012

    Firstly thanks for the prompt delivery, always appreciated. I have never used this type of product before but recently while on a ride I picked up a cut in my rear tyre. I used the plugger for the first time and I was surprised how simple it was. I put in 1 plug and used the mini compressor to pump it up but the cut was bigger than the 1 plug so it was still leaking. After deflating the tyre I put in another plug and would you know it the leak was repaired. How cool is that, I have ridden since and my tyre is stil at full pressure. I will always carry it with me from now on

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    Very handy and easy to use

    Posted by Pete on 6th Nov 2012

    I remember the mushroom plugs from when I was a young lad in the 60's I had a part time job in a servo and for nail hole it's what we used they are quick and easy. Don't know why they disappeared until someone told me they were illegal to use, stupid really, they work a hell of a lot better than those string plugs.

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    Tire Repair Kit

    Posted by Peter on 25th Oct 2012

    The tyre repair kit and mini compressor arrived last Friday. Thankyou for the very prompt service. As luck would have it while out riding on Sunday we got a very large hole from Blue metal in the rear tyre of BMW 1200GS 200kms from home in fairly isolated area. Had to use four plugs to fill the hole but got us home. All worked really well. Excellant product highly recommended. Many thanks.
    Submitted 2/8/11